If you’re seeking out professional services to clean your home or business, chances are you’re new to the game. There could be a million questions flying through your head on what to do before a professional cleaner comes. Don’t suffer through providing an immaculate space the week before but prepping your environment is an essential part for a better, deeper clean. Here are a few tips to make you as confident as a veteran cleaning customer:

Decluttering your home or business ensures that more time is spent on deep cleaning, eliminating germs, and removing odors. Put away floating books or everyday clutter that has managed to escape its drawer. The most important decluttering happens when you put away important documents that are lying on the office desk or around the home. Children at home or daycare centers should place their toys off the floor and back in the toy chest in case, their favorite superhero wasn’t where they left it last. This step helps keep track of your items, secures yourself from losing them, and places them where you know they will be.

Removing trash is a simple task, like throwing away old coffee cups, that shows respect to the new worker while also improving their time to focus on other tasks. The upside to hiring a cleaning service means professionals will find the trash hidden in unexpected places. You can expect that much more trash will fill the bins, so starting with an empty bag will be a great step before a cleaning professional arrives.

Bring in the sunlight! While professional cleaners will freshen the air with products and other cleaning methods, it may be a good idea to let nature’s disinfectant tackle bacteria and germs by opening blinds and windows. Fresh air is always a mood booster for employees and the entire household. By the end of your cleaning appointment, this step will have your home or business feeling brand new!

Putting away pets is a courteous step in inviting a professional into your home or business. Spike, your household pet or business mascot might be too friendly in the busy process of deep cleaning. Plus, not everyone’s reaction to pets is an overwhelming pleasure. Keep your guests and pets safe by leaving them in one room or away in a comfy, bedded crate.

Doing the dishes can be a gruesome task, but again, it’s one that is respectful. This is another task, that if completed by arrival, will give time for the professional to concentrate on a powerful clean within the kitchen. Dishes are also typically expected to be done beforehand for most professional cleaning services.

Clearing away food and other to-go boxes is a task for yourself as well, handling your own food is hygienic and ensures your left-over turkey sub is refrigerated and saved for tomorrow’s lunch.

Give advance notice! Most business cleaning happens at night and most household cleaning during the day when it’s unlikely people will be there. However, giving proper notice to employees and family members can help make sure everyone is making a group effort to clear their spaces or make other arrangements to be out of the way.

Walking tours can help both you and the professional by going over what is important to you and what areas can be skipped. Communication gives a better experience for both and allows the professional to easily acclimate to each business or home.

Providing feedback after the first clean is helpful for the professional who cleans many spaces for many types of people. For the professional, getting into a good flow and meeting expectations may take a few visits. Being patient, understanding, and friendly through positive feedback can help guide the cleaning service to meet your goals.

These easy tips to follow for preparing your space before a professional cleaner walks into your home or business will boost your confidence and ease your mind. It might even help the relationship between you and the service company and be the difference between an exceptional and immaculate environment.