The basement presents an interesting challenge on how to maintain a clean space. What makes this maintenance so interesting is the varying degrees that homes can have in their basements, such as Old unfinished, Modern unfinished, Semi-finished, and Finished.

Old Unfinished Basement

Old unfinished basements require different standards of cleaning than any other style of basement that you might have. It presents a unique challenge to both organizing and maintaining a decent looking basement. Depending on the age of the basement it might not even have concrete throughout, which means cleaning the floors with a mop is going to be almost impossible. The main thing is you’re going to want to tackle while cleaning are the organization side and possible  a little sweeping and dusting. Organization is going to be the most important part of this task. So that way, if any maintenance things need to be done there’s clear and easy access to that part of your basement that needs to be taken care of by a professional. Since these older basements tend to be smaller on average than newer basements, consider using your attic as your primary storage if it is available. If it is unavailable, you may want to invest in a storage container if that is in your means.

Modern Unfinished Basements

Modern unfinished basements are going to be concrete floors and walls and unfinished ceiling. This will be The first style basement honest with that can actually be cleaned, but again organization is going to be your biggest thing. The same challenge will arise with the unfinished basement in the older style as this style. Having the easiest access to the heating system, water heater, electrical panel and other utility panels that might be down in the basement is going to be important. Having good organizational shelves, so you can stack the boxes, so they’re easily accessible for you when you need them will be a good first step. Finishing off with sweeping and mopping a large concrete area so that way it maintains a decent smell without causing any problems to the things you have chosen to store down there.

Semi finished and finished basements – 

You should follow the same steps as the Unfinished Basement for the unfinished part of the semi-finished basement, especially with the organization and the ability to get to the access panels. Your finish part will be treated and cleaned like a normal room, whether that’s a living space, bedroom or anything else that you have turned it into.