The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in a home. Having a clean and tidy kitchen can help in your daily life as well as When you have people over.

Daily Tasks

The kitchen can easily seem dirty when trash and dishes get built up, so this is a great place to start. Gather all the dishes wash, dry, and put away. Moving on to the trash gather any trash that is remaining put it into the trash can and remove the full trash bag. This also applies to any recycling that you may have. The sink can also be tackled in your daily or weekly tasks once it is emptied of all dishes, Regular dish soap, and your kitchen sponge will do for this area to rinse out the sinks with the faucet.  Now that this task is tackled It is time to move on from the last daily tasks and onto more weekly and monthly tasks.

Weekly Tasks

Doing these tasks weekly can help make it is easier to stay on top of a cleaner kitchen. Anything from wiping down the counters to cleaning the floor.  Starting with the countertops scrub and wipe down the countertops without moving any major appliances. The stove is another area that is best maintained every week at least. Cleaning methods will vary slightly based on whether it is a gas or electric stove and what material that takes the form of. Use the best cleaner for your surface scrub and wipe down the area until clean. The floor is going to be the final step for your weekly cleaning. Sweep and mop this area and scrub any stubborn areas with a brush.

Monthly Tasks

The monthly tasks are things like your fridge your cabinets your oven and some of your appliances. Cleaned all the time, but it is helpful to keep an eye on them and make sure they do not get too dirty.  Starting from the top and working your way down to the floor will help prevent you from cleaning the same surface multiple times. Working on the upper cabinets, use a multipurpose cleaner or a wood cleaner to remove any grease and dust buildup that might have curd in the last month. In the same height region as your upper cabinets might be a Hood for your stove this also will likely have a buildup of grease and dust a good dish soap can help cut through this grease but be careful of scratching the surface. Since your countertops are covered in your weekly tasks move onto the stove top. Depending on your stove type will depend on what you would have to clean. There are at least three types of stoves, gas, electric, and electric with a glass top. Remove any components that can be separated safely from your cooking surface and scrub them down. Then scrub and wipe down the remaining large surface area of your cook top. Dish soap or a Multi surface cleaner should do the trick. At this point you’d want to move on to cleaning the outside of your major appliances such as your fridge and oven. Scrub any hard to remove areas and wipe down afterwards. This should take care of either of these major appliances. The lower cabinets will require the same level of detail and care as the upper cabinets.

Major Tasks

The fridge is going to be a major undertaking as it will require you to remove any food that is in there and work quickly enough to where it does not go bad. Best practices are to do the cleaning right before any major food purchases end when it is running low. This way it avoids any problems of potential food waste steel wool or any good scrub pad along with a washcloth sponge and a multi-surface all-purpose cleaner that is food safe is the way to go. You are also going to be concerned about the temperature of your fridge while you are doing this cleaning, some things are harder to get cleaned up while they are cold. Any deeper cleaning of the fridge might have to wait even longer as to get to the freezer it is probably going to have to be unplugged. And food waste is going to be your major concern while tackling this endeavor. Cleaning your microwave is not as difficult as the fridge however, it should be tackled I had the same rate if not a little more often than in the fridge. Clean the microwave put a small microwavable bowl of vinegar and water in the microwave and run it for about 30 seconds. This should loosen all caked up food and other particles that have built up since the last time you cleaned the microwave. Wipe down and scrub thoroughly The inside and outside after removing the bowl. Ovens Sometimes have a self-cleaning feature, if that is the case for your oven Follow the manufacturers instructions. Otherwise, remove the racks find a good cleaning spray that is meant for your oven and use that to scrub and wipe down your oven to remove any burnt food particles That have collected since you’ve cleaned your oven last. With all these steps taken care of you should have a decently