Having a dog is wonderful in a lot of ways, something that loves you unconditionally and is always excited to see you come home. However, they do make messes especially when they are young. Depending on your living circumstances there are ways you can train and teach them to not urinate or release excrement in the house. A method for your dog letting you know that it needs to go to the bathroom that works very well is having a Bell on the door for your dog to ring. Even after your pet is housebroken there are still chances that accidents will occur. With dogs when they are fully trained there should not be any issues of them urinating or releasing excrement in the house. ¬†They still will get sick at times and therefore vomiting is a more likely problem than the other two. The methods for cleaning up these problems change based on what the accident occurred on. Tile, hardwood, and linoleum present less of a challenge than carpets and rugs. However, all floors start with the same basic step, using some paper towels to help pick up the larger chunks. After this it diverges with hard flooring you are going to want to wipe up the area and then dry it off any good disinfectant will do for this. Carpet is a little different carpet brush system that can clean the carpet while it is scrubbing is great for spot cleaning the area. Then you are going to want just to dry the area with a towel. These basic steps will work for fecal matter as well. Urine will be slightly different in that you are going to need to dry the area 1st and then sanitize. A good recommendation to keep in your house if you have a dog is a carpet cleaner especially during the early stages of getting them to be housebroken. Dogs getting into the trash is another mess that might need to be cleaned up. But the best way to deal with it is on a preventative measure. Such as, putting a lid on your trash can and recycling bin that Your dog cannot get into. You can also put your trash can recycling bin out of reach of your dogs like putting it up on a counter or surface that they can’t get to or having a cabinet that is built for your trash and recycling. The final method for preventing your dog from getting into the trash or recycling is taking it out as soon as possible. When your dog inevitably does get into the trash the cleaning methods are going to be fairly straightforward you’re going to want to pick up the larger pieces of trash and put them back in the can and then sweep up any remaining small bits that you can’t grab. If it is on a carpet you might want to end up vacuuming, shampoo or if it is on hard floors you are probably going to want to sweep and mop.