Most of the time keeping up the cleanliness of the hotel is the same as how other businesses or even homes would keep those areas clean. The challenge for hotels on their cleanliness is there is no closing time. There are also not the same people there all the time in many hotels. Because hotels exist in this area in between a normal business and a residence its cleaning must adjust to that environment. The method in which the hotel adapts to these changes based on the brand of the hotel and the people that run that hotel. There are going to be multiple different surfaces that make up the common area in the hotel such as the lobby and dining area. Each of these surfaces Will need to be tackled differently to get them spotless. Depending on the hotel there are a few main public areas to consider the lobby, the dining area, hallways, pool, and elevators. The public areas can be kept clean by any of the hotel staff including the front desk. There are also the rooms that are not as public and Generally only fall under the purview of the housekeeping staff. Focusing mostly on the public areas they will require different approaches per area. The front desk generally does not do deep cleaning of these areas during their shifts. However, if the hotel is slow, they might be asked to help keep it clean. This could be vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, wiping down surfaces, and making sure the trash cans are empty.

Step by Step

Going through a quick rundown on how these areas would need to be cleaned starting with the lobby. The front desk person or housekeeping would want to start working top to bottom. You would spray and wipe down the surface is with this infected while trying to make sure to keep all electronics safe. Then you would straighten up the furniture making it look neat. Following that up with vacuuming any of the carpet areas that might be available to you in the lobby. Moving on to sweeping the area and then taking out the garbage. Finally, after all, that is done mopping would be the last thing on that list.

Changes Due To COVID-19

Covid-19 has caused hotels to have had to change and adapt the way they clean and maintain their public areas. Using the lobby as an example of wiping down surfaces is going to happen a lot more often even without an obvious mess to clean up. management of the hotel might also start using some equipment that might Aerosolize disinfectant to help kill the virus. They take the disinfectant and send it out in a large stream in a fine mist to cover all surfaces. This piece of equipment can be an effective strategy for covering large areas in a short amount of time. However, because of the potency of the disinfectant, it is not often used during 1st and 2nd shift. Because the sanitation chemicals might cause some irritation for the guests. This means that it is up to the night auditor to perform this task because there is no housekeeping during this time.