For most adults and some teenagers, the car is the most important thing you can own in your life. We use it every day to get home from work in school and to see family and friends. It’s also a private place where others will see more often than your house. This means we should take pride in things that we own and take care of them. On top of regular maintenance of your vehicle, cleaning should be on your major list of things that need to be done. The simplest and most basic form of cleaning your vehicle can be done every day by taking out the excess things in your car that you do not use, along with clearing out any garbage that may or may not be in your car.

Weekly Cleaning

For weekly cleaning, the recommendations are to tackle your windshield and your mirrors by making sure they are clear of dust and debris, so you can see out when it is necessary.

Monthly Project

When it comes to the monthly project of taking care of your car, taking it to a car wash on using the vacuum at a car wash should pretty much take care of your main issues. An example of deep cleaning would be working on your carpets. The reason why you would not want to do this so often is because of how difficult it can be to set up. Sometimes there is more preparation than just gathering your cleaning materials when it comes to vehicles. One example is when you must clean your carpet near the car for deep cleaning, you will need to do a few extra steps, such as having the car off, removing the negative hook up to your battery, and then waiting 20 minutes before removing the seats. To remove your front seats, you will need to unscrew the front and back from the floor as well as remove the back seat by taking out the bottom of the seat. To successfully clean a neglected car carpet, you are going to need some equipment, including but not limited to a stiff bristle brush, a shop vacuum, hot soapy water, and a carpet shampooer. The first step will be using the shop vacuum to vacuum up any of the major pieces of dirt from the carpet. After removing that dirt, you will want to use the stiff bristle brush and the shop vacuum to pick up any of the dirt that has been ingrained in the carpet over time. Then, moving on, if you have any stains that need spot treatment, this is where the hot soapy water can come in handy. Examples of these spots might include candy, gum, or any other such items that are ingrained in the carpet that did not come up through your first and second stage. Finally, after these have been taken care of, you are going to want to shampoo your carpet to remove any final discoloration or stains that have remained at this point each area of your car can require special attention and different tools to complete that task.