Hollywood needs to be cleaned up! With these famous films, it tried to do just that. Here are 14 movies that highlight the cleaning industry or with characters known to tidy-up well.

Sunshine Cleaning (2007, Rated R)

Amy Adams and Emily Blunt star in a quirky comedy about a woman who finds profit and love in the crime scene cleaning business.


Maid in Manhattan (2002)

A mistaken identity leaves this Manhattan maid (Jennifer Lopez) in the doting eye of a celebrity politician who believes she is another hotel guest.


Marry Poppins (1964)

She cooks, she weans, and yes, she even cleans! Mary Poppins (Julie Andrews) has magically arrived and there won’t be a speck of dust left behind! Perhaps the only film that appreciates the work of chimney sweeps.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves (1937)

Imagine if you had to clean up after seven messy frat brothers every day, this is essentially the predicament Snow White finds herself in.


Mrs. Doubtfire (1993)

Cleaning is part of the protocol to disguise a father who wants to see his children. Robin William’s infamous character must become a live-in nanny to get quality time with his children and that includes vacuuming to Aerosmith.


Roma (2018)

This Mexican, Oscar-nominated drama tells the story of a domestic worker who follows along with the tribulations of the household she lives in while also dealing with her own.


The Help (2011)

A college student (Emma Stone) returns home to Mississippi to interview the women (Viola Davis, Octavia Spencer) who have worked as ‘the help’ during the 1960s in upper-class white homes.


Cleaner (2007)

Samuel L. Jackson stars in this crime scene cleanup film. Jackson’s character is cleaning up another routine crime scene when a woman (Eva Mendez) informs him that her husband has disappeared and the room was sterilized without permission. Jackson reunites with his old police partner to solve this crime without a proper scene.


Downton Abbey (2019)

Popular television series, Downton Abbey, came to the big screen for the grandest event, a visit from the King and Queen. The royal household staff prepares for the Royal’s arrival while drama, romance, and assassination attempts unfold. Poor Miss Lawton!


Clue (1985)

It was the maid, with the candlestick, in the library! Or was it? Hasbro’s classic mystery game comes to life in this 1985 adaptation where the maid (and everyone else) becomes a suspect for murder.


The Remains of the Day (1993)

In this heavyweight drama starring Anthony Hopkins and Emma Thompson as butler and housekeeper, they must reunite under new circumstances uncovering that their head of the house was a Nazi sympathizer.


Blue Crush (2002)

To make ends meet, island native, Anne Marie (Kate Bosworth) works with her friends in a luxury paradise resort as maids. That’s how she meets a professional football player who hires her to teach him her real passion, surfing.


Mary Reilly (1996)

A housemaid (Julia Roberts) finds herself stuck between attraction and fear in this Jekyll & Hyde adaptation with John Malkovich.


The Clean Bin Project (2010)

This comedic documentary explores the competition between a couple to see who can use less waste.

    After plenty of visual inspiration from Hollywood’s housekeepers and cleaners, take the time to get into your best cleaning role around the house. aaaaand Action!